One Day in: Capri

After visiting Capri for one day last summer, I can totally see why all of the celebs flock there on their ritzy millionaire vacays. It. Is. Paradise. I spent my one day in Capri cruising around the island on a private yacht, getting sun-kissed and drinking champagne.

Okay, by private yacht I mean a traditional “gozzo” boat. But it was private!

Capri for one day

Capri, a small little luxury island located a few short miles off the Amalfi coast, is dotted with glamorous million dollar villas and precious boutique shops. While Capri is most likely out of many traveler’s budget for a lengthy stay or even a short weekend getaway, a day trip from one of the Amalfi Coast villages is definitely doable and an absolute must!

There are several options for ferry rides from Sorrento, Naples, Amalfi, and Positano. The shortest option being the more expensive hydrofoil that gets you to the island in about 45 minutes.

One Day in Capri

Capri was one of my splurge days on a month long European jaunt and I went into it with just that mindset, a life of luxury. However, the morning started off on a not so luxurious foot as we crammed into our cozy little sita bus from our quaint little hotel in Sant’Agata to the bustling ferry port in Sorrento. We then boarded a fast hydrofoil ferry to the dreamy island of Capri. We got off and quickly bought tickets with the other hoards of tourists to ascend to the top of the island in search of a great view and a quick walk before a day on the water.

the adventuring texan

Gardens of Augustus

The Gardens of Augustus offer one of the best views in Capri of the Faraglioni Rocks. This view is an absolute must for capturing the iconic panoramic shot of the Faraglioni and the beautiful blue waters.

Capri for one day

Capri for one day

Capri for one day

Capri for one day


Capri for one day


After taking in the view of the Faraglioni rocks at the Gardens of Augustus, we wound our way through the walkways and alleys before descending back down to marina grande. We grabbed a quick bite and a bottle of champagne to go before meeting our most perfect tour guide and boat driver, Antonio, of Gianni’s Boats. I can’t recommend this company enough, it was the most perfect way to see the beauty of Capri!




Boating around the island

We chose to forgo a visit to the popular blue grotto on the recommendation of Antonio. I did not regret this one bit. It gave us more time to relax and swim the day away. Bonus, Antonio took us to a “mini blue grotto” that had no lines of boats waiting to get in and we were able to experience a small taste of the brilliant blue hues of the Blue Grotto.

We spent the rest of our day lounging, swimming, and sipping. Relaxing was only interrupted by taking dips in the crystal clear water and taking in the incredible views as our little gozzo boat hugged the beautiful rock formations.

Capri for one day

Capri for one day








Okay, maybe I’m not quite celeb status but did I mention I was in Capri at the same time Beyonce was? Unfortunately I found this out the next day after she popped up on my Instagram feed. I mean I could’ve sped right past her million dollar yacht and not even known it. We’ll have a swimming date next time Bey!

The adventuring texan

While our day was not spent on a private yacht, I sure did feel like a celebrity on my private little gozzo boat with our precious and most perfect Italian boat driver, Antonio. Until next time Capri!

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    • July 6, 2016 / 16:23

      Capri is to DIE for. If you love the rocky coastline of California, you’ll definitely love Capri. I totally suggest a private boat tour around the island to fully admire it’s beauty and to escape the tourists!

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