7 Things to Do in Grand Cayman

It took me 18 years to leave the USA. In 2008 I graduated high school and my mom decided to take me on a celebratory trip to the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. It was then that my eyes were opened to the beauty of the world and my desire to travel.

Things to do in Grand CaymanFirst view of this precious island.

Disclaimer: All pics taken with awesome disposable camera circa 2008! Throwback to cool, out of date technology.

We spent about seven days on the island at a boutique hotel on Seven Mile Beach that is sadly, no longer there. It was such a great place to stay and the staff was so friendly. Why did they have to tear it down to build another big resort hotel?!

Things to do in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is a crescent-shaped beauty of a beach with white sands as far as the eye can see (or for about seven miles. ha). I recommend staying at a hotel along this beach. It a great place to spend the majority of your time and is only a short drive away from other destinations on this small island.

Things to do in Grand Cayman

Things to do in Grand Cayman

If you haven’t been to the island, you should put it on your list. Like, now! Here are 7 things to do in Grand Cayman if ever you find yourself with your toes in the sand.

7 Things to Do in Grand Cayman

1. Go snorkeling

Granted, I don’t have much to compare it to because my vacations are generally not tropical, but I thought the snorkeling scenery was amazing. We were able to step right out from our hotel room, walk right the beach, pick up some snorkeling gear, and be on our way. There was lots of wildlife and we saw an array of fish and even a couple of nurse sharks. There are also several different spots around the island that you can drive or boat to get to different underwater views. We took a short boat ride and snorkeled a ship wreck on one of our last days.

Things to do in Grand Cayman


Things to do in Grand Cayman

Things to do in Grand Cayman

2. You can swim with sting rays!

It sounds terrifying I know, at least it did to me (especially after the whole Steve Irwin situation). I’m usually not one for brushing up against sea creatures but it was a pretty cool experience. We took a boat excursion to Stingray City in North Sound and as soon as the boats arrived, the place was swarming with rays. Clearly they know the drill, boats equal food. I definitely recommend checking out the rays on a fun boating excursion.

Things to do in Grand Cayman

Things to do in Grand Cayman


Things to do in Grand CaymanTaken with a terrible underwater disposable camera, but I love this pic!

3. Go shopping in Georgetown

Georgetown is the capital of the Cayman Islands. There are a ton of restaurants and places to shop and was only about a fifteen minute drive from our beach. It’s also the place where the daily cruise ships dock so it gets quite crowded and is generally pretty touristy but still fun.

Things to do in Grand Cayman

4. Take a quick trip to Rum Point

A 45 minute drive to the North Side of the island brings you to Rum Point where there’s something for everyone. While the underwater wildlife leaves a lot to be desired on this side of the island, you can take a dip, play some sand volleyball, take part in water sports, or take a nap in a hammock. It’s a fun way to spend a day.

1930151_1013117578242_1384_nThings to do in Grand Cayman

Iguanas, unsurprisingly, are plentiful on the island. This was my first time seeing one of the giant lizards and I obsessively took pictures of them all. More surprising, there are chickens roaming around freely. My first sighting of the birds was in Georgetown during our shopping adventure. I was shocked. Why were there chickens in the street??



Things to do in Grand Cayman

6. Walk through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens of the Botanical Park and experience the serenity of the island’s flora and fauna. Theres are thousands of beautiful flowers and plants that showcase the island’s natural beauty. It’s a great way to spend a gloomy day when beach time is less than ideal.



7. Go on a sunset cruise

Y’all, the sunsets in Grand Cayman are to die for. I’m serious. Drop dead gorgeous. The best way to experience them is on a catamaran ride at sunset. It’s so relaxing and you get beautiful 360 degree views. Can you imagine what could have been captured with a fancier camera? Ahhh.

Things to do in Grand Cayman




I can’t wait to plan my return to the islands, I’m sure there is a ton more to do and explore!



  1. June 4, 2015 / 11:09

    I love Grand Cayman! I’ve been probably 5 times. From snorkeling, to swimming with stingrays and sharks, renting a jeep and driving around the coast. I love it there, the water there is so beautiful. My husband and I have talked about maybe one day buying a condo to have there for vacation and one day retiring.

  2. Katy @ The Adventuring Texan
    June 5, 2015 / 06:00

    Having a condo there would be AMAZING. I’ve been wanting to go back for years but haven’t been able to squeeze it in. Maybe this is the year!

  3. June 22, 2016 / 09:37

    We happened to visit Grand Cayman on a cruise a few years ago, and we loved the island so much! We did a day excursion and went out to swim the stingrays and it was such an amazing experience! Did you give one a kiss for 7 years good luck?

    • June 22, 2016 / 17:12

      I did actually! The guaranteed good luck ended last year. Fingers crossed for the future! Maybe I should go kiss another stingray to make sure…

  4. June 24, 2016 / 16:12

    Wow, it looks amazing! It is cool that your first trip was to such a beautiful place. I went abroad the first time when I was 16 to Europe and didn’t get another chance until studying abroad in college. (P.S. your photos are actually pretty good in spite of the old technology. All of mine from my first trip abroad make me embarrassed to even look at them! Haha) 🙂

    • June 24, 2016 / 17:03

      Haha I don’t even know how I got pictures from a disposable camera on the computer but I found them on my Facebook from way back when, so why not! Also, I’m incredibly jealous that you got to study abroad! That is the ONE thing I regret not doing in college. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of opportunities to do so with a nursing major.

  5. July 19, 2016 / 07:45

    A very romantic island, I wish I could watch the sunset like the last picture

  6. November 7, 2016 / 23:19


    This post is really interesting!

    Sailing is my passion and almost all the islands I have visited. Grand Cayman is the most beautiful island on this earth, I’ve been there only once. But after seeing these photographs, I feel like I missed something good over there which I find here!

    Keep sharing!

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