One of the main reasons people flock to Fredericksburg for a visit is for the many wineries and vineyards. Fredericksburg, Texas has a countryside reminiscent of wine growing regions of central Italy and Rhone Valley France. The wine, experience, and vibe is unique at each winery you visit and warrants the perfect wine getaway for wine lover’s around the world. Read on for a wine lover’s perfect weekend in Fredericksburg.

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If you’ve read the blog lately, you might have read what I’ve been up to lately. As in, I got married!

Ben and I have been together for ten years and have known each other since fifth grade. I can still picture the goofy boy in glasses who never combed his hair, wearing a back pack that was way to big for him. Who knew we’d end up married!

Why we Chose to have a Santa Fe Wedding

We knew we wanted our wedding to be described as colorful, cozy, and different from any other wedding we or our guests have ever been to. Since we love to travel, we wanted to incorporate that love into our wedding. So a Santa Fe wedding it became!

Santa Fe is close enough to our home town of Lubbock, Texas while still feeling like a world away. Though I had never been there before meeting our planner, I knew it would be perfect. We wanted to give our guests a fun weekend get away with a cultural spin.

We kept our guest list short and sweet with about 50. It was narrowed down to family and closest friends in attendance to keep with the coziness of how we wanted our day to feel. It was the perfect number for optimal coziness.


My mom and I had recently been on a trip through Spain where I was majorly inspired.  I fell in love with the culture, colors, and overall vibe of the country. Not to mention the food and wine! Santa Fe has a deep Spanish colonial history so our desire for a Spanish theme for our wedding fit just right. We wanted to make our guests feel like they were on a fabulous international getaway while still being close to home.

The Vibe

The day was perfectly Spanish and exactly the feel we were going for, paella cookout, flamenco, and classical Spanish guitar included. While we had many favorite moments throughout the night, Ben’s favorite moment was walking with our dog and best man, Finley, down the aisle. Mine was our spontaneous and unpracticed first dance to a Cuban rendition of Besamé Mucho.

Santa Fe Wedding

Tips for the Brides

Some tips I have for the brides out there are to make your day YOUR day. Focus on what’s important to you and your groom.  Don’t lose sight of the way you and your future hubby want your day to be. Another tip is to try to make a planner or coordinator part of your budget and hire them asap. It makes a world of difference in reducing the stress of planning and ensures that you’re focused on your groom and your big day, not the little stuff that goes into it. My biggest tip is to be present and enjoy the moment. It really does go fast, so don’t miss it!

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The Ultimate Santa Fe Wedding Dream Team:

Where would you have your destination wedding??

A Spanish inspired Santa Fe wedding