A Wine Lover’s Guide to a Weekend In Fredericksburg, Texas

One of the main reasons people flock to Fredericksburg for a visit is for the many wineries and vineyards. Fredericksburg, Texas has a countryside reminiscent of wine growing regions of central Italy and Rhone Valley France. The wine, experience, and vibe is unique at each winery you visit and warrants the perfect wine getaway for wine lover’s around the world. Read on for a wine lover’s perfect weekend in Fredericksburg.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

Getting there:

From Dallas: the longest drive from a major Texas city at about a 4-4.5 hr drive depending on traffic
Austin: at just under a two hour drive via HW 290, Fredericksburg is the perfect weekend trip from Austin
San Antonio: a quick 1 hour and 15 minute drive out of the city via I-10 W and US 87N will take you to the countryside of Fredericksburg
Houston: similar in length as Dallas via I-10 W

A Weekend in Fredericksburg


Getting to Fredericksburg around lunch time on a Friday is a good time to arrive and will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the town. If you get there at lunch time, check out Vaudeville’s for a tasty bite before taking a walk along Main Street. There are many gorgeous art galleries to see and shops to explore. Just a note, many of the stores and galleries close around 6pm. Before strolling dinner you might want to think about ducking into a couple of the downtown tasting rooms conveniently located along Main Street.

Since this is a wine lover’s guide after all, I’ll touch on some of the tasting rooms located downtown. This is such a great idea in case you’re unable to hit all of the wineries on your list throughout the weekend. It also means you’ll be able to hit other wineries you might not otherwise visit in place of these.

Grape Creek Vineyards on Main

A nice little tasting room with a cozy vibe and a col ceiling. They had great wines and great people. This was the first wine we had on our trip and it really started the trip out on the right foot. This was definitely my favorite tasting room we went to on Main Street.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

Fiesta Downtown Tasting Room

Fiesta Winery has three different locations. The one on Main Street, one of Wine Road 290, and one in Lometa, Texas. The Downtown tasting room has a friendly and spirited vibe with a cute little clothing boutique in the back. The wine was good and definitely worth a taste. They do get rather busy on Fridays and Saturdays so stay patient! I recommend going to their location on Wine Road 290 over Main Street, but that’s just me.

Other tasting rooms on Main Street:

  • Armadillo’s Leap Winery:
  • Fat Ass Ranch & Winery: less dry wines, more on the sweet side
  • Fredericksburg Winery: less dry wines, more on the sweet side. They also have frozen sangria and a fun tasting atmosphere!

Saturday = Wine Day

While there are a few tasting rooms downtown to start your wine journey, nothing compares to actually visiting the wineries and vineyards. Wine Road 290 is a popular route that many wine lovers visit since there are many wineries conveniently located nearby each other.

Transportation to the Wineries


Unless you have a designated driver, I definitely don’t recommend this option because it’s too tempting to overindulge in all the wine! Be safe my friends! BUT if you’re driving, it’s at least an easy drive up and down Wine Road 290.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in FredericksburgSource


My favorite option for visiting the wineries is using a hop on hop off shuttle like that of the 290 Wine Shuttle. It’s an extremely convenient way to see many of the wineries at your own leisure while not having to worry about your level of intoxication (though they’ll cut you off if need be). This shuttle hits 14 of the wineries located one Wine Road 290. You can choose to visit whichever wineries you want to for however long you want to. While hitting all 14 wineries is a little ambitious, visiting five or six is much more doable. Some things to keep in mind if you choose this option of transportation:

  • The shuttles only run on Saturdays
  • If you want to visit Grape Creek, you need to arrive by 12pm. This is a popular venue for many weddings and private events. If you want to visit, go early or just visit the downtown tasting room like I did.
  • If you’re planning on visiting Becker Vineyards, you’ll need to plan on arriving before 3pm for similar reasons!

Private Tour

There are many options for choosing a private tour to visit the wineries. While the option is a little more pricey, it gives you full customization on which wineries you want to visit. You won’t have to just stick to those on Wine Road 290.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg
Happy birthday weekend ma!

My Favorite Wineries

Inwood Estates

By chance we found ourselves in the reserve tasting room so I can’t really tell you about the non reserve wines (which I assume are divine), but y’all these were my favorite wines! The tasting menu consisted of mostly dry wines with one white wine and four red and a man serving us that really knew his stuff. This made for the best experience. Bonus, I found out that there’s a tasting room in Dallas, so I’ll be a frequent flier there in no time!

Becker Vineyards

Becker is probably one of if not THE most popular winery in Fredericksburg. And for good reason! While not my favorite wine that I had during my weekend in Fredericksburg, it was definitely up there. They had a fabulous back porch you could sit and sip on while listening to live music and people watching. They also had a food truck. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a food truck??

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

4.0 Cellars

“The name 4.0 Cellars is inspired by the three separate wineries that came together to form a matchless fourth winery.” These wineries are Brennan Vineyards out of Comanche, Lost Oak Winery out of Burleson, and McPherson Cellars from my hometown Lubbock! I was excited to visit this winery because I’ve heard so many good things about it and I was excited that it included Lubbock growers (represent!).

They’ve got three tasting menus to choose from: Cellar Select, Light and Sweet, and All Red which makes it a win win for all kinds of wine lovers. The wines were all delicious and this is the only winery I actually bought a bottle from (I would’ve bought from others but saving those dolla’ bills y’all).

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg


Torre di Pietra

This winery had more of a laid back family vibe with a dark and cozy tasting room and a mother/ daughter doing their thing. While I value and appreciate when servers educate me on all of their wine and processes, sometimes I just want to taste without all the extra “fluff” that goes into it. And that is just what I found at Torre di Pietra. The wines were good and the people friendly, all I’ll ever need.

Fiesta Winery 290

In case you hadn’t figured out already, I’m a sucker for live music. It lends so much to the vibe and ambience of a place and generally makes for a good time. Fiesta had good wines and great music and was our final winery of the day.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

Other wineries worth visiting:

  • Pedernales
  • Fat Ass
  • Messina Hof
  • William Chris Vineyards

Where to Eat

Der Lindenbaum

Der Lindenbaum has authentic German fare and a homey vibe which is just what I was looking for. Come to find out, one of the owners at the B&B we stayed at works here. Barbara is originally from Germany and now lives in works in Fredericksburg with her husband Henry.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in FredericksburgA Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg


Rated a top Fredericksburg restaurant on Tripadvisor, Vaudeville is “hip bistro” with delicious American fare. It’s located in the basement of a luxury furniture store and has a cozy little atmosphere. I recommend going here for lunch over dinner.



The culinary staff of Otto’s “crafts a seasonally focused menu that highlights not only what you can find in Germany and Austria, but explores the Germanic cuisine of Alsace, Northern Italy and even Texas” – Otto’s

This is my favorite restaurant in Fredericksburg! Otto’s offers gourmet German fare utilizing locally sourced ingredients. They do not take reservations or call aheads so plan to get there a little early so that you don’t have to wait too long.

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

Where to stay

If you’re looking for a genuinely German feel for your weekend in Fredericksburg, I can’t recommend Rarumpelpunzeldornaschenwittchen enough! It’s a quirky and quaint Bed & Breakfast run by a German couple, Henry and Barbara. It consists of two precious cabins aptly named Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin. There’s even a cute little pond on the grounds, frogs included! Although it was about a ten to fifteen minute easy drive outside of town, it was totally worth it!

A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

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A Wine Lover's Guide to a Weekend in Fredericksburg

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