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    Where in the World Will the Rest of 2016 Take Me?

    2016 has been and will be one of my best travel years so far and it’s only halfway over! So far I’ve ventured to San Francisco, NYC, and explored Spain, a new country for me.

    While this pales in comparison to the destinations of a full-time traveler, I’m proud of myself for fitting in what I can with a full-time job. Thanks nursing for being so flexible with PTO and time off!

    I am so excited about my upcoming travel plans and thought I’d share in case anyone out there has any suggestions or tips on making the experiences better!

    The Adventuring Texan

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    Gaining ‘Celeb Status’ in Capri

    After visiting Capri for one day last summer, I can totally see why all of the celebs flock there on their ritzy millionaire vacays. It. Is. Paradise. I spent my day on Capri cruising around the island on a private yacht, getting sun-kissed and drinking champagne.

    Okay, by private yacht I mean a traditional “gozzo” boat. But it was private!

    Capri for one day

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    The Ultimate Guide to One Day in Florence

    So you have one day in Florence, one of the most artistically historical cities in the world. What do you do? Where do you start? Luckily, Florence is the kind of city that is conducive to tight schedules and many of the must see sites are relatively close together. So don’t panic, unless you are really into art (like this girl) and want to see absolutely everything there is to see, for that you’ll need a few more days.

    One day in Florence

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    7 Things to Do in Grand Cayman

    It took me 18 years to leave the USA. In 2008 I graduated high school and my mom decided to take me on a celebratory trip to the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. It was then that my eyes were opened to the beauty of the world and my desire to travel.

    Things to do in Grand CaymanFirst view of this precious island.

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    Taking Advantage of One Day in Positano


    Let’s start off with the fact that one day in Positano is absolutely not enough time to fully take in all of the greatness this beautiful little cliff side treasure has to offer. But you take what you can get, am I right??

    Visiting the Amalfi Coast has held a spot at the top of my bucket list for a long time. The first time I discovered the existence of Positano was during a Pinterest session, trying to kill time during a boring nursing school class. I saw a picture of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and I was in love.

    I HAVE to go here, I thought to myself as I pinned it to the Wanderlust section of my Pinterest, longing for the day that I might be lucky enough to visit the cliff side beauty.

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